• Our signature Scottish Pale Ale is brewed with English and American hops - Fuggles, Amarillo and Cascade. This creates melon and tropical fruit flavours leaving a dry and refreshing taste.
    500ml Bottle
    9G Cask
    Alc. Strength 4.1%
  • Our light and crisp Steam Lager is brewed with a blend of German and American hops - Hersbrucker and Cascade. This creates a clean, herbal and floral taste.
    Bottle Alc. Strength 4.1%
  • Milk chocolate and velvety smooth Stout, using British Brambling Cross hops. Thick and creamy, full of roasted malt flavours.
    330ml Bottle 9G Cask, 30L Keg Alc. Strength 5%
  • A deep golden, lighter refreshing Scottish interpretation of American Pale Ale. Using only pale malts, the citrus character of the American hops, Citra, Cascade and Summit are brought to the front, giving a long and fruity flavoured finish.
    330ml Bottle 9G Cask, 30L Keg Alc. Strength 3.8%

  • Craft Lager
    A delicately flavoured lager that is crisp, clean and refreshing. German Hersbruker hops give floral and herbal notes, which overlay a distinctly full and rich malt backbone.
    330ml Bottle 30L Keg Alc. Strength 4.1%
  • Our own unique well-balanced, malty Red Rye Beer. It is full of flavour with a clean, spicy and hoppy aroma. With a slightly dry finish, the flavour is noticeably malty with rye spiciness and medium bitterness.
    330ml Bottle 9G Cask, 30L Keg Alc. Strength 4.8%
  • American in style with the zesty flavour and aroma of American hops.
    330ml Bottle 9G Cask, 30L Keg Alc. Strength 5.7%